Au Revoir and the Flight

May 26-2018

Enterprise Car Rental was timely in their home pickup service. Before we knew it the moment of goodbyes, good lucks, we love you, we’ll miss you … and a rash of tears sent us out of Indian Ridge Country Club, heading for the Crowne Plaza Hotel at LAX.

Ed gives his blessing for a safe and fun adventure.

Ready to shuttle and fly!

In the Flagship Lounge prior to departure.

Looking good in seat 1H … that would be right behind the cockpit … 👍

Hey, that ✈ is pointing the wrong way!  No matter, we were convinced the woman First Officer, aka Co-Pilot and named Adrienne, probably sorted that out fast because we were heading due East right on time.

Panko Crusted Shrimp for dinner with all the trimmings … Yum!

Conversation with Self

Is walking across England a far flung dream?
Is it accomplishable?
Why not?
Other people do it … thousands of people do it …
Charlotte says, “We can too!”
Preparation is key.

One day’s pedometer reading …
WOW! I’m impressing  myself …




The Coast-to-Coast Route


This English “Walk” is 192 miles from St Bees on the Irish Sea to

Robin Hoods Bay on the North Sea.

It is rated according to how long it takes you to complete.
Super Fit – 11 Days
Standard – 13 Days
Leisurely- 15 Days
Stop & Stare – 17 Days

We are taking 16 Days … Elegant Leisurely 😎

Practicing or Maybe Training

We practiced or trained in our own backyard.
Some was tougher than we expected.

Mt Eisenhower was on our list.

Cold enough to bundle up!

Heading the right way.

Higher than we thought, but we made it.

Getting the Right Gear

It was a windfall day for REI when Charlotte walked through their Encinitas, CA doors.  Raincoats, windproof pants, double-layered socks and warm layering clothing did not live in her desert or beach closets.

REI was happy about that!

Who says glamour is limited to the indoors?  Obviously NOT!

Getting measured is part of choosing the exact fitting backpack.

Looking good but this isn’t the one she chose.

Having the right hiking boots is a must.