Sheep to Spindle

A precious gift … from a Rambouillet ram to Grandma’s spinning wheel.    One summer day it was so beautiful outside I decided to spin on the deck overlooking the lake.  A young family was visiting next door and observed me enjoying my Grandmother’s Spin-Well wheel.  Soon thereafter I was gifted with a massive fleece from their pride ram.  A raw fleece has distinct nuances … like the smell, an intense amount of lanolin, some now dead bugs and a few reminders of where that ram had spent its time when the fleece was still attached to its owner.  One thing was certain … I needed advice from the local Cariboo women who are fiber experts.  With their excellent guidance I managed to hand wash this fleece, hand-pick it in preparation of carding, make batts from the raw wool, and spin from the batts!  What a pleasure to let one’s hands walk through history doing what women have done for centuries.

Summer Projects

Wild Salmon Ready for Smoking

There are many projects that take place only in summer. This is a time to reconnect with a more simple life, to bake bread or smoke salmon or simply take time to be on the water enjoying the sweet light of the setting sun. Summer is a time when the business world moves to the back burner of your life. One of the best things about summer is getting up early, as usual, with nowhere to be, and not glueing your hair.

Black Bears


In my next life I wish to be a bear.  It makes so much sense!  You sleep through the long, cold winters and have babies in your sleep.  You wake up THIN, the weather is beautiful, you eat everything in sight, get as plump as possible, and no one bothers you!  Your children are adorable and leave home at the end of the summer.  The world is your oyster.  You roam wherever you wish, dining along the way until it becomes cool … then simply find a Ritz Carlton suite hidden safely away from the world and call it your den.

Summer in the True North


Sometimes one is somewhere before they actually arrive. Usually this applies when the destination is familiar, one has been there multiple times, and especially if the destination is wrought with good memories. Such are summers in the True North.