Two Years Post Coast-to-Coast Trek Across England

Not sure where two years plus have gone but any calendar will confirm they are behind us.

June 18-2018 marked our flight back to CA and the end to our infamous trek across England. While we were no longer on the trail the experience simply moved from our feet to our heads and hearts. It is a reassurance that one can do anything they set their mind to and claim that accomplishment as their own forever more. Charlotte’s and my England Coast-to-Coast (C2C) adventure became exactly that.

Below is a short video to see and feel our experience. After viewing it be prepared to feel the urge to make the trek, or maybe another one you’re keen on. I was first introduced to long distance walking by a dear friend who owns Green Horse Ranch near Quito, Ecuador. She described how wonderful it was to see the world by walking through it. What an endorsement! Yes, that is how the seed was planted. By allowing it to grow, thinking about it, talking about it, dreaming about it, pretty soon I was convinced I could do it. Why not? Charlotte became equally interested and our journey began.

C2C in 4 minutes 8 seconds … Enjoy!

I have often been asked about how the trip was planned, what became part of our essential packing list, what resources did we use? Some specific products were so perfect that I will use them again on my next long distance trek. If the world ever recovers from COVID-19 enough to allow us to venture abroad, letting our spirits soar, mine is heading for the 309 mile (498 km) Pieterpad Trail in the Netherlands. Here are my ten top essentials and why they worked: