Au Revoir and the Flight

May 26-2018

Enterprise Car Rental was timely in their home pickup service. Before we knew it the moment of goodbyes, good lucks, we love you, we’ll miss you … and a rash of tears sent us out of Indian Ridge Country Club, heading for the Crowne Plaza Hotel at LAX.

Ed gives his blessing for a safe and fun adventure.

Ready to shuttle and fly!

In the Flagship Lounge prior to departure.

Looking good in seat 1H … that would be right behind the cockpit … 👍

Hey, that ✈ is pointing the wrong way!  No matter, we were convinced the woman First Officer, aka Co-Pilot and named Adrienne, probably sorted that out fast because we were heading due East right on time.

Panko Crusted Shrimp for dinner with all the trimmings … Yum!

17 Replies to “Au Revoir and the Flight”

  1. Dinner look delicious. What a great way to start your adventure. Hope the weather is warm, in spite of the rain. Happy Trails!

  2. Rita,
    Looks like you are on schedule and after looking at the food you are being served you are not sitting in coach!!
    Bernie and Eileen

  3. Have a great time, enjoy each and every moment. Happy trails, step by step. Embrace the rain. You both got this

  4. I was able to locate Grasmere, Kirkby Stephen, Keld, Reeth and Richmond on my AAA map. The other locations were not listed in the index.
    Have fun, George

  5. I had no idea there were female pilots. The last one who tried flying a plane – to the best of my knowledge – was Amelia Earhart. As she crashed, it seems women were then told they could only work on planes as stewardesses. Are the airlines really changing things that much?

    1. Oh Phil, please move as quickly as possible into the 21st century. Your memory reflects HIS-story and not HER-Story. Yes, times have changed. On a flight to Europe not long ago it occurred to me that ALL the crew were women. I asked a flight attendant if indeed, were all the flight crew female? She confirmed they were. My response was, “What took us so long?” It was a perfect flight in every respect.

  6. I’m loving all the travel details and pics…..
    Keep the blogs coming…..wish I was with you!
    Safe travels….

  7. Rita, love your vest with all the zippers — mind sharing where you got it? You both look so ready for this adventure. Know you’ll have so much fun along the way and can’t wait for more of the blog where you share pics and stories.

  8. Looks like you flew in comfort and are very relaxed. Good Luck on your walks and hopefully the rain won’t ruin your pictures!

  9. Hi Rita, Glad you arrived safely, and are beginning your trek. Hope the weather is cooperating, and you and your compass are getting acquainted!! Keep me posted.. Have fun! Steph

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