Day 2 – Longmoor Head, Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite

Alan, proprietor of The Manor in St Bees, gave us clear directions to a SHORTCUT to connect with the C2C trail by turning right just past the school.  Great!  A nice well marked street … that soon passed through a gate and became a solid path.  All good, until the next stile.  Now it was dodging sheep and cow poo with a minimal visible trail.    We were reassured by the railway tracks that were generally parallel to us.  There was no denying a full field of sheep, a good fence and thick gorse definitely separated us from the rails but as long as we could see them we felt comfortable.

Eventually we emerged on the side of a farm house.  Yikes!  Coming straight toward us was a baby lamb … with its distraught Mum on the other side of the fence!  Fast as flash Charlotte and I attempted to catch the little creature.  One lucky grab of an ear, a quick up into waiting arms and over the fence.  That little lamb turned around, stuck it’s face through the wire fence as if thanking us for the kindness received and trotted off to rejoin Mum.

Feeling good about the lamb rescued we kept moving along … until we came to a crossroads.  While trying to sort out the correct direction two young women appeared walking straight towards us.  With grace and their  map they convinced us to turn around and head straight back.  We had overshot a turn in the trail by about ten minutes, the perfect amount of time to be where the little lamb needed us.   We call that the Perfect Mistake!

Signage is minimal or non-existent in the Lake District

Longmoor Head – Home Away from Home with Joan & Richard

What a stunning place to be, to witness what happens when two people share a dream and work towards it in total harmony.  The resurrection of buildings with fallen in roofs to recreating the cobblestone drive … all done by these two brave souls and the sweat of their brow.

Richard LOVED his cows and proudly introduced us to these fine straight backed specimens. They perked up smartly when they heard Richard’s country brogue rolling with affection.  The bull lives in another field where he awaits visitors.  These girls “cycle” every 21 days until  they go visiting.

Life is good and in harmony at Longmoor Head.

On our way to Rothswaite …

Soon we were climbing slowly but had no idea what lay ahead

The trail got higher and higher … steeper and steeper

Black Sail Youth Hostel … a well earned rest before the final ascent

Height Gain: 2,300 feet

Loft Beck and Grey Knotts lie ahead 

Two couples with GPS adopted us …

we would never have found our way solo.

We actually had three couples that stuck together reaching the summit and descending together.  Both going up and coming down was super treacherous. We witnessed three out of six take considerable falls.  Fortunately none were seriously hurt … at least they would not admit to it.

Finally we were down the other side despite a heavy downpour that left us soaked to the skin with water filled boots.  I left my raincoat behind to lighten the load … a short sleeved shirt was no match to a British thunderstorm … but it was a WARM rain the locals cheered!

The Bridge of No Return, which means we’re super glad to be off that mountain!

The Royal Oak B&B was a welcome sight for sure.







18 Replies to “Day 2 – Longmoor Head, Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite”

  1. What an adventure and it’s sooo worth it. I’m printing out your posts for you Mom and Dad. They were tickled pink with the previous one. Take care and be safe.

  2. Hi Rita,
    I love those Perfect Mistakes, it worked out well!
    Glad you two were able to stay on your feet on the mt. When rocks get wet & mossy, it’s like ice!
    Enjoy your well-earned B&B. scott 2

  3. Wow! That looks amazing. Soooo sweet about the Baby Lamb. You are going to be so skinny when You get back . Still envious…lol.

  4. Wow, what a strong and intentional no matter what pair of women friends!. Keep ambling over the hilly and smooth terrain. Keep hydrated inside along with what is apparently more than enough hydration on the outside. Bon Jurnee!

  5. You gals are amazing! I would never have survived Day 2! (Would have slept in and had some Yorkshire Pudding at the B&B instead!)

    Loved the story of the sheep rescue! I remember a similar rescue in Scotland when we came across a goat stuck in a wire fence.

    Is it worth trying to download one of those British GPS maps to your Apple Watch?

    1. Certainly an exciting day. I really enjoy the updates. Hopfully you are through the high Country.

  6. Quite obvious you two put a lot of thought into this trek and you are ready but pretty cool just the same. I love the stories as they unfold which makes your adventure worth all the hard work. Keep it up and enjoy what you worked for.

    1. You two are looking good!! It is wonderful how fellow travellers will be so helpful. Thanks for keeping us involved. Keep moving forward

  7. As I have always said you find adventure where ever you go.
    You both were, a saving grace to a mama and baby. Your both
    Amazing taking this all on, and enjoying moments.
    Go girls.
    Love Moe .

  8. You guys are amazing ladies. Love seeing your pictures and all the memories you are making. Keep on keeping on not only on your journey but helping the animals along your way…that would be you Rita. We are thankful for the couples who adopted you. Safe travels ahead.

  9. Wow what a day! This beats the snorkel trip that we took yesterday – looking at fish in Puerto Rico.

  10. Wow, this sounds tougher than what I imagined the C2C to be. And it looks even more beautiful than I also thought it to be…
    Walking with you!!! All the best! Astrid

  11. We love the Brits and their territory too. So fun to follow you. AND so glad you could rescue that little lamb.
    We are currently practically herding fawns…so many this year.

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