St Bees and the First Step …

We have finally made our way to the starting point of the C2CTrail, St Bees on the Irish Sea and west coast OD England.  We were blessed with Jane, our Lakeside Taxi driver who provided far more than transportation from Windermere to St Bees.

The Manor B&B had posted signs they were closed due to some “emergency” but were accepting guests with reservations.  Thank goodness!  We parked our bags, donned our gear and headed out to clock the first miles of the C2C.

We are looking ready for the challenge.

First ritual … dip your toes in the Irish Sea.

Pick your pebble that you will carry and toss into                                                  the North Sea on the East coast.

St Bee herself.  Escaping an unwanted/enforced marriage this gal found her way to these shores and became famous.                                                        She was said to be an Irish princess.

The trail points up and follows the coastline.

The bird colonies were nothing short of stunning!

The first C2C sign … 190+ miles to go …

Stiles become commonplace.

Recognizing the people who have dedicated time and effort to this trail

18 Replies to “St Bees and the First Step …”

  1. Looking like you finally found cool weather; probably too cool when wet! We are in Puerto Rico where it is hot but very nice. We are siteseeing today – tomorrow we give away the baseball equipment.

  2. Great photos and interesting tidbit about St. Bee. Her determination will help you walk last miles on long days!
    ps. That fence hopper is just a stile, not a turnstile.

  3. The landscape of England is a joy to see again, with its many
    things to enjoy along the way. So nice that you are enjoying every aspect of the walk. Each day brings new things experiences. Be safe.
    Love, Moe Durham

  4. Rita, I will enjoy your adventure. I am now at home having OT and PT every day. I will be arriving in Dallas this coming Saturday. Now tell me where you will keep the pebble. Hopefully not in your shoe. Love, Linda

    1. Linda,
      Glad to hear you are heading home. Wonderful!
      The pebbles are definitely not in our shoes. They are in our daypacks awaiting their destination in the North Sea.

  5. Thanks, Rita & Charlotte. JEALOUS! I cannot wait to see your blog of this phenomenal undertaking you’ve done together! Hope all is super for you both today!
    Gail Medrano

  6. So love to be taking this journey with you and seeing the sights! Although it is much hotter here than where you are – I will settle for seeing your pictures. Have fun.

  7. So glad the technical difficulties worked themselves out as I was anxiously awaiting all the awesome travel details that would soon follow. Love all the travel tid bits and I am living vicariously through your and Charlotte’s daily adventures – great pics. Thought you would be walking on country roads – looks like you’re blazing your own trail. Do you think most of the walk will be on smaller pathways? I am so impressed with what you guys have under taken – you gals are amazing!

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