Two Days at Hawksmoor Guest House, Windermere

Personally, I have often wondered how special it would feel to walk out of the arrival door at an airport and have someone standing there,  sign in hand, with my name on it.  In Manchester it happened!  Yup, name spelled correctly with Hawksmoor, Windermere across the bottom.  Perfect!

Charlotte and I would spend two days in a stunning Guest House recovering from jet lag and getting used to our new surroundings.

Here are a few pics showing how we did this …


Hawksmoor Guest House

Eggs Benedict at Hawksmoor


Ancient church

Tranquil moment  

Yes, a Defibrillator

Stunning hydrangeas in full bloom simply everywhere

Out for a bus excursion

Beef with Bubble & Squeak  … very British!

12 Replies to “Two Days at Hawksmoor Guest House, Windermere”

  1. I will be following you. I may do it next year. Depending on how you like it. Looks great so far!

  2. What an awesome beginning! I love eggs benedict and tasting Bubble & Squeak for the first time would be a very different treat. Dipping your feet in the Irish Sea is really something! For goodness sake, don’t lose that pebble.

    Happy trails.

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