Black Bears


In my next life I wish to be a bear.  It makes so much sense!  You sleep through the long, cold winters and have babies in your sleep.  You wake up THIN, the weather is beautiful, you eat everything in sight, get as plump as possible, and no one bothers you!  Your children are adorable and leave home at the end of the summer.  The world is your oyster.  You roam wherever you wish, dining along the way until it becomes cool … then simply find a Ritz Carlton suite hidden safely away from the world and call it your den.

2 Replies to “Black Bears”

  1. I think I would also like to be a bear.
    I don’t know how I have managed to miss you and your blogs up until now! Lovely, just lovely. The spinning and the traveling and everything in between.
    May I ask where you live? We have black bears here in Ontario, Canada..
    Warmest wishes to you!
    xo Samantha

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