Sheep to Spindle

A precious gift … from a Rambouillet ram to Grandma’s spinning wheel.    One summer day it was so beautiful outside I decided to spin on the deck overlooking the lake.  A young family was visiting next door and observed me enjoying my Grandmother’s Spin-Well wheel.  Soon thereafter I was gifted with a massive fleece from their pride ram.  A raw fleece has distinct nuances … like the smell, an intense amount of lanolin, some now dead bugs and a few reminders of where that ram had spent its time when the fleece was still attached to its owner.  One thing was certain … I needed advice from the local Cariboo women who are fiber experts.  With their excellent guidance I managed to hand wash this fleece, hand-pick it in preparation of carding, make batts from the raw wool, and spin from the batts!  What a pleasure to let one’s hands walk through history doing what women have done for centuries.

4 Replies to “Sheep to Spindle”

  1. This looks like work not Fun!! Eileen

    How on earth did you get the fleece to go from mousy brown to brilliant white?


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