Saving an Osprey

Photo compliments of WDFW
Photo compliments of WDFW

Sometimes dinner is just too big!

This is a story about saving an osprey from a not-terribly-unusual death.  Occasionally the fish is simply too big for the bird to lift out of the water.  The osprey’s talons are in a death grip that cannot be reversed so the prey becomes the predator, the fish will dive and drown the raptor.  This is exactly how my friend, Bits, got involved.

Camping near Borrego Springs in Southern CA, Bits was called on by friends to help an osprey that was lying along the shoreline, exhausted with a now dead fish in her feet. Considering the females are often the largest in the raptor family this was most definitely a lady in trouble!

Being a renowned “animal charmer” Bits was the best person for the job.  Here is a photo journal of what happened …

Bits 7 (Small)

Leather gloves were a must but the bird never struggled, was completely peaceful and ever so grateful to have that dead fish GONE!

Bits 8

She was so comfortable in Bits’ arms that a little nap was irresistible.

Bits 1 (Small)

One last snuggle, finished a few bites of steak tidbits while graciously refusing the last bite, and it’s time to move on.

Bits 5 (Small)

A solid post is a good place to leave from.

Bits 4 (Small)

Back to business as normal as this stunning osprey expressed her gratefulness to Bits for saving her life
simply by spreading her great wings and being what she was … a gift of nature.

Bits 2 (Small)

Thank you Bits!!!